What Is Stonehill Village?


We offer an unparalleled blend of:


Developed based on a comprehensive 25-year master plan that guides the growth of the community, the future for Stonehill Village holds the development of:






All located within easy walking distance of the community.

A master planned community is one in which several forms of residential, business and common area uses are integrated in a single, comprehensive development of a large tract of land.

Stonehill Village began as a vision of the Nutter family, prominent community leaders in Beavercreek, and that vision is now becoming a reality.

Stonehill Village is designed to combine a broad range of residential and business neighborhoods, with a blend of natural beauty and unique recreational opportunities.

A Master Plan offers a mix of housing options that are situated to minimize the visual impact of adjacent properties, while preserving important natural features.

With an established “heart” of the community, Master Plan communities also offer a network of open space, trails and linear parks, as well as planned, convenient traffic patterns.

More importantly, Stonehill Village is a “community” with a shared sense of belonging among all of the property owners that encourages strong cohesiveness, while remaining sensitive to individual privacy.

Your largest investment planned to the smallest detail. Master plan communities are widely known for their intensity of architectural quality and design, meaning that the most important reason to build at Stonehill Village is that your largest investment is planned to the smallest detail.

Higher home values.
Master plan communities historically maintain higher home values as a result of the master documents established by the Stonehill Village Homeowner’s Association.

Comprehensive architectural guidelines guarantee that each new home adds to the beauty of the community and maintains traditional American architectural styles.

Resident Resources

Here you can see forms and bylaws:

Association Record Form
This form is to be filled out to update the property manager of address, phone number and email address changes.
View Form

Auto Pay Sign Up Form
View Form

Clubhouse Rental Checklists
View Document

Goose Chase Material Safety Data Sheet
View Document

Improvement Application
This application is to be filled out and sent to Towne Properties for a request of change to the DRB
View Application

Landscape / Hardscape Application & Cut Sheets
To assist you in correctly filing for a Landscape or Hardscape project we have included a step by step procedure for you to follow. Also included are some useful links to websites that can assist you in choosing the appropriate plants for your home landscape. We want you to enjoy your landscape all season long.
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Landscape/Hardscape Form
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Leisure Trail Map
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Owner's Certification
Orientation and Resource Guide for Stonehill Village. Must be completed to use the common areas and facilities at Stonehill Village.
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Property Manager's Letter
Stonehill Village Owners
Xenia, OH 45385

Dear Homeowner:

First of all I’d like to say how excited I am to now be a part of such a beautiful community! Welcome to the Towne Property Management family. My name is Erica Vanover and I am the new Property Manager for your community. My office contact information is in the above right corner of this letter. I also have an email address a EricaVanover@TownProperties.com if you prefer.

Towne Properties is a management company who assist Condominium and Homeowner Associations with the day-to-day operations. We are responsible for all the billing and record keeping, budget preparation, maintenance of commons areas, and any other business conducted for the Association. I have enclosed a brief history of Towne Properties for your information. Any questions you have in regards to these areas can be directed to me at the above listed number.

Towne Properties offers an automatic withdraw payment option. If you are interested, please fill out call my office at 937-222-2550 and ask for Anna Jobert(AnnaJobert@TownProperties.com), or you can print one off the Stonehill Village website and send it in.

An application for improvement is also available on the site or by calling our office. These forms need to be filled out prior to any exterior alterations to your lot are started. I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is to read your Declaration and be familiar with the policies in your community, especially as they relate to alterations. If ever in doubt about what is permitted, please contact me.

Please fill out the Resident Update form or let my office know if any of your contact information changes from year to year. Having this information helps the Association keep accurate records. It also helps to ensure you will receive all correspondence and pertinent information/mailings in a timely manner.

If at any time you require after hours or emergency maintenance you would call our regular office number, 937-222-2550, and follow the prompts to reach the on-call technician. Once you leave your emergency message, the technician will call you back promptly. Should the situation be deemed a true emergency, the technician will contact me and I will dispatch the appropriate entity to handle the issue.

I am glad to be a part of Stonehill Village and each of the community neighborhoods. I look forward to a long management relationship and to serving you in the years to come!


Erica Vanover
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Spindletop Resident Map
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Steeplechase Resident's Map
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Stonehill Village Barn Rental Forms
Please check availability by calling Anna Jobert at 937-222-2550 before submitting rental agreement.
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Liberty Hill Canons of Order
Canons of Order for Liberty Hill
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Stonehill Rules and Regulations
Articles of Incorporation for Stonehill Village

Claiborne Greens Canons of Order
Initial Articles of Incorporation Claiborne Greens Neighbohood Society AND Canons of Order for Claiborne Greens at Stonehill Village
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Spindletop Design Review Standards
Neighborhood Design Review Standards for Spindletop at Stonehill Village
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Steeplechase Design Review Standards
Neighborhood Design Review Standards for Steeplechase at Stonehill Village
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Stonehill Design Review Standards
Stonehill Village Design Review Standards (pp1-25)
Stonehill Village Design Review Standards (pp26-51)

Steeplechase Community Association Guidelines
Steeplechase Community Association Guidelines (pp1-17)

Spindletop Association Guidelines
Canons of Order of Steeplechase Neighborhood Society, Inc. (pages 18-35)
Spindletop Community Association Guidelines (pp-26-45)

Stonehill Village Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
Stonehill Village CCRs (pp1-15)
Stonehill Village CCRs (pp16-24)
Stonehill Village CCRs (pp25-30)
Stonehill Village CCRs (pp31-45)
Stonehill Village CCRs (pp46-60)
Stonehill Village CCRs (pp61-75)
Stonehill Village CCRs (pp 76-85)
Stonehill Village CCRs (pp86-100)
Stonehill Village CCRs (pp101-113)
Stonehill Village CCRs (pp114-125)
Stonehill Village CCRs (pp126-135)
Stonehill Village CCRs (pp136-150)

Stonehill Village Fencing Guidelines
These apply to all the neighborhoods, not just Spindletop.
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What Makes Stonehill Unique

Maintaining a steadfast and passionate commitment to high quality and design, with every detail considered and executed to perfection — it is this attention to detail that sets Stonehill Village apart.

Stonehill Village is set to become a planned, mixed-use development which will act as a model for the future of urban growth in the
Miami Valley.


By creating a diverse mix of housing, retail and commercial sites, preserving important natural features and developing a network of open space and pedestrian trails, Stonehill Village will grow to become the perfect place to build a home, a life and a community.