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    Orientation and Resource Guide for Stonehill Village. Must be completed to use the common areas and facilities at Stonehill Village.

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    Stonehill Village Barn Rental Forms/Checklist

    Please check the calendar, call 855-238-8488 0r email to check clubhouse availability before submitting a rental form.
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    Abney, Steve & Melinda1454 Runnymeade WaySteeplechase
    Akemon, Jeffrey & Jessica1058 Lancashire DrClaiborne Greensjess.akemon@gmail.com937-830-0965
    Anderson, Richard1480 Champions Way Liberty Hillricksterrja@gmail.com937-713-7648
    Atkinson, Doug1276 Homestead Drive Spindletopdougatk@aol.com426-3655
    Axthelm, Seth & Elizabeth1164 Asbury Ct. Claiborne
    Babish, Charles & Lindsay1277 Scottsgate Ct.
    Baldwin, Steve1323 Homestead DriveSpindletopmoosiedad@gmail.com427-0411
    Baltzer, Robert1470 Foxtail Court
    Banning, Christopher & Tina1136 Westover Roadtbanning@woh.rr.com937-371-5734
    Barnes, Jason & Amy1625 Amberley Ct. Claiborne Greens
    Barnett, Jerad1556 Scottsgate Court N. Spindletopjanelbarnettcpa@hotmail.com320-9813
    Bartlett, Steve1269 Shorthill Drive Spindletop clanfootball@sbcglabal.net320-0646
    Bash, Jim1297 Shorthill Drive Spindletop jim.bash@goodrich.com429-9564
    Batterman, Thomas & Angela1406 Champions Way Liberty Hill battermantw@hotmail.com937-306-8518
    Baumann, James 1605 Turfland Blvd South Spindletop
    Beck, Richard1612 Turfland Boulevard South Spindletop beck.r@sbcglobal.net320-1071
    Becker, Gerland & Sally1419 Abbey Park PlaceLiberty Hill
    Begley, Jeffrey and Devon1480 Huntland Ct North Spindletop
    Benek, John and Barbara1450 Champions Way Liberty Hill
    Berger, Denis1100 Lancashire Drive Claiborne Greens
    Berglund, Andrew & Kimberly1132 Westover Rd.berglundaj1@gmail.com703-587-1960
    Berglund, William1395 S. Prestonwood Court Spindletop the_berglunds@sbcglobal.net431-5145
    Bergman, Dustin & Ashley 1430 Abbey Park PlaceLiberty
    Bernard, Thomas1449 Abbey Park PlaceLiberty
    Binkis, Daniel & Sharon1022 Amersham Ave.Claiborne Greensdaniel@binkis.org937-985-1022
    Blackman, Bruce and Dorothy1586 Windham,
    Blankenship, Scott & Jennifer1030 Amersham Ave.Claiborne; jblanky@gmail.com937-848-0448
    Blazar, Andrew 1474 Runnymeade WaySteeplechase
    Booher, Larry & Suzanne 1574 Scottsgate Ct.
    Bower, Robert1486 Dragonwyck Ct.Steeplechaserobert.bower@yahoo.com707-592-6083
    Brackenhoff, Justin & Kristina1188 Lancashire Dr. Claiborne Greensj.brackenhoff@gmail.com937-572-2639
    Brazeau, Michael1022 Amershammichael.j.brazeu@gmail.com419-787-3225
    Broeckl, Linda 1469 Dragonwyck Ct.Steeplechase
    Brooks, Steven & Debbie1148 Westover
    Brooks, Thomas & Starlene 1405 Huntland Ct.
    Brower, Jaret & Kyle1229 Homestead
    Brower, Judy & Denton1275 Homestead judymbrower@gmail.comDenton-937-542-1940
    Brush, Nathan1370 Prestonwood Court SouthSpindletop
    Bumgarner, Brett1432 Prestonwood Ct. S. Spindletop
    Burdshaw, Jean 1491 Runnymeade
    Burger, Martin1631 Ashmont
    Burke, Michael & Lisa1423 Prestonwood Ct. NSpindletop
    Burns, Terry & Dorothy1458 Champions Way Liberty Hill
    Burtsfield, Dale & Gayle 1484 Champions Way Liberty Hill
    Busch, Brian & Christina 1481 Dragonwyck Steeplechase
    Bushore, Jessica1416 Runnymeade Way Steeplechase bushorejess@gmail.com427-4033
    Cavanaugh Nader, Kelly1608 Turfland Blvd. SouthSpindletop nursenuder@yahoo.com240-285-8948
    Chambers, Chad1409 Champions WayLiberty Hillchadchambers2@gmail.com937-776-6508
    Chambers, Steven and Barbara 1472 Champions Way Liberty Hill
    Chronaberry, Tyler1445 Runnymeade Way Steeplechase biggsley28@yahoo.com426-5959
    Coale, Gregory1318 Homestead DriveSpindletop
    Collins, Vincent1443 Prestonwood Court N.SpindletopVincent.Collins@WPAFB.AF.MIL426-7978
    Corrigan, Kelly & Alison1396 Huntland Ct.Spindletoparitchie5@hotmail.com513-659-1802
    Cox, John & Merrilee1615 Amberley Ct. Claiborne Greens coxes4him@gmail.com937-431-8607
    Craven, Robert & Tracy1231 Homestead Drive Spindletoptcraven2333@hotmail.com671-6371
    Criel, Benjamin & Jennifer1523 Stonebury Ct.Claiborne Greens
    Crone, Jacob & Kimberly1121 Westover Rdcjake4kim@gmail.com951-269-9267
    Culpepper, Richard1470 Huntland Ct North
    Curtis, Robert1431 Abbey Park PlaceLiberty Hill
    Daily, Aaron1543 Scottsgate Ct. North Spindletop
    Dang, Namduy1301 Homestead DriveSpindletopduydang0910@hotmail.com671-0444
    Dang, Namduy & Mai, Anh1311 Homestead Drive Spindletop
    Davidson , Matthew & Tamara1481 Huntland Court N Spindletoptammydavidson18@gmail.com909-367-4361
    DeMartino, Gary1609 Turfland Blvd. SouthSpindletopgaryde1205@gmail.com426-8924
    Dewitt, Gary & Deann1602 Turfland N Spindletop
    Deyhle, Michael1618 Amberley Ct.Claiborne Greens
    Dipadua, Mark1651 Ashmont Court Spindletopmdipadua@aol.com431-4836
    Drayer, Dennis1639 Ashmont Ct. Spindletopdennis.drayer@sbcglobal.net320-1694
    Drukker, Jennifer & Drew1570 Scottsgate Court
    Dzaferagic, Aleksander & Arielle1584 Derby Dr. Claiborne Greensadzaferagic87@gmail.com859-462-9733
    Ebersole, Charles & Teresa1366 Huntland Ct.S. teresa.ebersole@gmail.com937-369-6093
    Edwards, Roger & Daryl1493 Abbey Park PlaceLiberty Hill
    Ehme, Andrew & Maria Cecila1128 Westover Rdacestech2088@gmail.com859-801-4168
    Elliot, Dave1262 Homestead Drive Spindletop429-9201
    Elshire, Andy & Seema1646 Ashmont Court
    Esken, Robert1396 Runnymeade Way Steeplechase BGS1959@sbcglobal.net427-0964
    Eskew, Jason1426 Champions Way Liberty Hill
    Evans, Glen and Annmarie1048 Lancashire Dr. Claiborne Greens
    Evans, Jeremy & Julie1621 Amberley Ct. Claiborne Greens
    Fath, Jeff & Bridget1485 Huntland Court N Spindletopjefffath@gmail.com937-912-9387
    Filson, Phil1419 Runnymead Way Steeplechase pfilson@woh.rr.com426-8058
    Fondriest, Tyler & RaeAnne1199 Stallion RunWhite Barn Trailfondriest.9@gmail.com937-361-3726
    Forrester, Edward 1398 Highland LaneSteeplechaseedforrester2222@gmail.com912-5817
    Francis, Michael & Suzanne1430 Runnymeade WaySteeplechase
    Franklin, Christina1469 Foxtale CourtSteeplechase cfranklin@woh.rr.com937-429-9191
    Franklin, Jason & Angie1238 Homestead
    Frantz II, Jeffrey and Chelsea1040 Lancashire Dr.Claiborne Greens
    Frederick, Stephen & Janet1468 Champions Way Liberty Hill steve.frederick@wright.edu429-0582
    Fricioni, Albert1254 Homestead DriveSpindletopdfricioni@aol.com426-9932
    Gard, Robert1404 Runnymead Way Steeplechasejeanettegard@att.net426-0822
    Gauder, David & Miriam LOT130 Fairtrail WestSpindletopdavid.gauder@usa.net937-431-9092
    Gerrior, Patricia & Kevin1464 Foxtale Court Steeplechase kgerrior@aol.com671-8730
    Gervais , Thomas & Jodie1418 Claiborne CourtSpindletopjcgervais@sbcglobal.net614-738-8886
    Goeman, Stephen1410 Champions Way Libertysdgoeman@gmail.com937-306-8156
    Goins, James & Joyce1457 Audubon Lane Steeplechase
    Gonzalez, Jorge1660 Fairtrail WestStonehill anniegonzalez1990@gmail.com937-307-9277
    Gonzalez, Jorge & Ann 1660 Fairtrail WestSpindletop
    Grant, Bob1257 Scottsgate Court S. SpindletopGrants@woh.rr.com431-1966
    Greene, Kirk & Erin1246 Homestead Spindletopkirkagreene@gmail.com937-901-6591
    Hall, Kristopher and Rebecca1072 Lancashire Dr. Claiborne Greens
    Hardern, Darryl & Sharon1595 Amberley CtClaiborne; dkhardern@msn.com937-705-6246
    Hardesty, Jim1620 Turfland Boulevard S.Spindletopjimhardesty@ameritech.net426-0778
    Harding, Rich1309 Shorthill Drive Spindletoprharding@ketco.com426-9977
    Harper, Nelson1235 Homestead Dr. Spindletopnohpiano@aol.com614-306-5033
    Harris, Chris1385 Huntland Ct. SouthSpindletopchrisncarlisa@sbcglobal.net426-6979
    Hatfield, David & Michelle 1643 Homestead Spindletop
    Heintzman, Richard 1538 Scottsgate Court North Spindletop rheintzman@att.net426-3681
    Hendrix, Archie 1536 Turfland Blvd. South Spindletop Drihen@aol.com426-9893
    Hersack, Richard and Sharon1460 Huntland Court NorthSpindletop
    Hess, Garth 1422 Prestonwood Ct. North Spindletop
    Hess, Kevin1452 Prestonwood Ct. NorthSpindletop KEVRHESS@aol.com320-8175
    Hetland, Gary & Therese 1447 Audubon LaneSteeplechase
    Higginbotham, John and Zala Karen1433 Runnymeade Way Steeplechase
    Hilbert, Dan1275 Shorthill Drive Spindletop 431-5367
    Hill, Larry1561 Turfland Blvd. SouthSpindletopacer5230@aol.com431-8290
    Hollin, David & Vicki1487 Champions WayLiberty Hillbikerpilot222@gmail.com937-572-2907
    Holstein, Dave1566 Scottsgate Court NorthSpindletophollyh@woh.rr.com426-9989
    Horne, Martin & Carmelita1439 Champions WayLiberty Hill
    Horsman, Timothy2411 Prestonwood Ct. NSpindletop
    Hudson, John & Marsha1488 Huntland Ct. NorthSpindletopjimdryden@ameritech.net429-8663
    Hughes, John & Jennifer1047 Lancashire DriveClaiborne 233-0672
    Hughes, Justin & Anne1601 Amberley Ct.Claiborne Greensjhughes2047@gmail.com937-681-2981
    Hussain, Hesham1558 Turfland Boulevard S. Spindletop
    Injeti, Elisha and Bethany1478 Runnymeade Way Steeplechase elishabethany@gmail.com937-701-3718
    Isaacks, Richard1286 Homestead Drive Spindletoprisaacks@att.net426-1321
    Jeter, Ken & Shari1447 Huntland Ct North Spindletop
    Jett, Lucinda1439 Runnymeade Way Steeplechase cjett@woh.rr.com937-912-5775
    Johnson, Roger & Peggy 1563 Stonebury Court
    Johnson, Randal & Jamie1276 Scottsgate Ct Sjamiebethj@gmail.com937-830-6120
    Jones, Jeff1524 Turfland Boulevard N Spindletopfoofan@juno.com429-2339
    Kahlig, Brian1484 Huntland Court Spindletop bkahlig@earthlink.net320-2271
    Kaiser, Lisa & Sean1597 Derby Dr.Claiborne ; doctorlisak@gmail.com937-431-3609
    Kanetsky, Martin & Heather1427 Huntland Ct. ; kanetsky.2@osu.edu937-694-7328
    Kenney, Michael and Katherine1438 Huntland Ct..StonehillKenney.michael@sbcglobal.net937-760-0028
    Kile, Brandon & Jennifer1558 Derby Drive Claiborne Greens
    Kindle, Jeffrey & Christine1416 Champions Wat Liberty Hill jwkjuice@aol.com937-609-2080
    Kohlhepp, Charles & Teresa1462 Runnymeade Way Steeplechase ckfam1@aol.com937-376-3353
    Kunk, James 1286 Scottsgate Ct. S. Spindletop
    Kurtz, Thomas & Lisa1451 Champions Way Liberty Hill kim.a.kretz@gmail.com768-2125
    Kutwal, Atul & Meighan1433 Prestonwood Court Spindletopmeighan_Kutwal@yahoo.com248-561-0475
    Lado / Soto, Christopher / Sheila1624 Amberley Ct. Claiborne Greens
    Lado, Juan & JoAnn 1137 Asbury Court
    LaMusga, Dennis & Judith1577 Scottsgate Ct. NSpindletop
    Larsen, Richard / Donna1373 Champions Way Liberty Hill rjlarsen1974@gmail.com429-2746
    Lauderbaugh, Heather1499 Abbey Park Pl.Liberty Hillheatherm613@yahoo.com937-603-1981
    Lee, Robert1530 Scottsgate Court. North Spindletop bobalee337@gmail.com320-0124
    Lesourd, Richard1628 Fairtrail West Spindletop
    Levesque, Noble N.1480 Dragonwyck Court Steeplechase
    Levy, Bob1270 Homestead Drive Spindletoprlevy@ameritech.net426-0250
    Listerman/ Sheridan, David / Bridget1492 Huntland Court North Spindletopdavid@listermanassoc.com937-313-0025
    Logan, Caryl1434 Runnymeade Waycaryllogan3@gmail.com937-426-8440
    Loving , Marjorie & Donald 1375 Huntland Court Spindletop
    Lundy, Mick1289 Homestead Drive Spindletop michealalundy@aol.com320-6252
    Lyons, Christian & Vanessa1583 Derby Drivevanessa.wong3@gmail.com210-867-1942
    MacPherson, Cory & Owen, John1588 Amberley Ct.Claiborne; jcowen3@gmail.com937-516-1625
    Mangan, Steve1364 Prestonwood Court S. Spindletopstevemangan@woh.rr.com426-4276
    Marasco, Rosemarie 1374 Highland LaneLiberty Hill
    Mattamana, George1655 Ashmont Court
    Mayer, Daryl & Susan1420 Abbey Park PlaceLiberty Hillsdmayer@twc.com937-479-5827
    McCall, Polly1424 Highland Lane Steeplechase polly.mccall@gmail.com427-5838
    McCoy, Dennis 1447 Claiborn Ct. Spindletop tinamccoy@sbcglobal.net431-1294
    McFarlane, Glen & Nancy1491 Fair Hill Ct.Steeplechaseglen.mcfarlane92@gmail.com615-758-2376
    McLane, James Steven and Jerilyn 1461 Audubon Ln.Steeplechase
    Miller, Tyler & Lauren1435 White Bard TrailWhite,
    Lockhart, Michelle, Chris and John1565 Turfland Blvd. N. Spindletopmichellelockhart.240@gmail.com419-967-0494
    Mola, Roger 1631 Fairtrail West Spindletop
    Montalvo, Jimmy1421 Claiborne Ct. Spindletopmontalj@sbcglobal.net431-3918
    Mullins, Don and JoAnn1243 Homestead Spindletop dmullins10@woh.rr.com937-702-9280
    Murdock, Lisa & Ted1476 Huntland Court Spindletop murdocklisa@ymail.com937-219-1399
    Murray, Eric & Jennifer1430 Claiborne Ct.Spindletop
    Myers, Collette 1472 Dragonwyck Court Steeplechase
    Nelson, Greg1457 Huntland Court N Spindletop ggregjnels@aol.com510-2410
    Nguyen, Cuong & Diep1455 Runnymeade Way Steeplechasenguyentuongcuong@yahoo.com937-269-9217
    O'Leary, Linda 1487 Fairhill Court Steeplechaseolearylinda@att.net429-2815
    Ober, Tom & Tina1544 Amberley Ct. Claiborne; tomcatldo@hotmail.com937-956-6688
    Ott, Kyle 1425 Champions Way Liberty Hill
    Owen, David 1161 Asbury Ct. Claiborne Greens
    Palichat, Elizabeth1409 Runnymeade WaySteeplechase
    Palkowski, Gregory 1611 Turfland Blvd. South SpindletopBCRK3300@aol.com426-9383
    Palmer, Mark & Susan 1443 Abbey Park Pl. Liberty Hill
    Panchal , Kalpesh & Vaishal1378 Champions Way Liberty Hill kalpvishal@yahoo.com681-5941
    Papenfus, Bob1404 Highland Lane Steeplechasebobeve21@sbcglobal.net427-3729
    Parameswaran, Rajesh1431 Claiborne Ct. Spindletop rparameswaran@sbcglobal.net427-2153
    Parlett/Rogers, David/Ann1580 Scottsgate Court N. Spindletopleafwingb@aol.com937-371-4752
    Parr, Dave1381 Prestonwood Court S. Spindletophdparr@sbcglobal.net429-1476
    Peebels, Dean & Barbara1539 Amberley Ct. Claiborne Greens
    Perdue, Larry & Donna1459 Runnymeade WaySteeplechasedonnaperdue1014@gmail.com803-974-9208
    Perkins, John1424 Runnymeade Way SteeplechaseScietron@yahoo.com287-9215
    Phillips, Paul1251 Homestead Drive Spindletop phillips_paul@bah.com431-1947
    Pitstick, Leslie 1387 Champions Way Liberty Hill 306-8185
    Powers, Donald & Carol1612 Windham Lanenicolep82@yahoo.com661-878-1232
    Price, Jillian 1569 Stonebury Ct Claiborne Greens
    Qin, Zhaohui "George" & Jialin 1405 Runnymeade Way Steeplechase
    Quiros, Catherine & Federico1297 Scottsgate Court South Spindletopcathyquiros@hotmail.com937-912-9064
    Radcliffe, Melissa & Christopher1149 Asbury Ct. Claiborne Greens melis144@hotmail.com513-370-4819
    Ramge, Adam & Lindsay1129 Westover Rd.lindsayramge@yahoo.com937-657-5272
    Ramirez, Irving 1476 Champions Way Liberty Hill
    Randolph, Barry & Tammy1620 Ashmont Court Spindletopbntrandolph@aol.com937-271-5693
    Rarick, Coleman & Kendra1233 Stallion RunWhite Barn Trailkendra.l.rarick@gmail.com937-371-6967
    Reese, Doug1247 Homestead Drive Spindletopmreese4022@sbcglobal.net426-4898
    Reno, Loren & Karen 1443 Champions Way Liberty Hill
    Reynolds, Ralph & Patricia1266 Scottsgate Court South
    Richards, Robert1481 Fair Hill Ct.Steeplechase
    Richardson, Kendall1395 Huntland Court South Spindletop susan.richardson7@sbcglobal.net427-2856
    Riddle, Robert & Tamara1581 Amberley Ct.Claiborne Greenrandrewriddle@gmail.com502-422-5000
    Roberts, Clay 1604 South Turfland Spindletop clay.roberts74@yahoo.com937-912-9399
    Rodriguez, Manuel & Beatriz 1148 Asbury Court Stonehill
    Rush, Loren & Mark 1145 Asbury Ct. Claiborne Greens
    Russell, Greg & Stephanie1250 Homestead Drive
    Ryan, Kevin & Kim1415 Champions Way Liberty Hill Kryan1415@gmail.com974-5634
    Ryan, Michael & Sara1287 Shorthill Drive Spindletop msryan@ameritech.net937-429-7052
    Ryan, Tim & Grimm, Lisa1296 Scottsgate Ct. Spindletoplgrimm87@gmail.com937-475-1342
    Sabo, Bette1451 Audubon Lane Steeplechase b.sabo@yahoo.com937-912-5205
    Saltar, Steve & Teri 1436 Abbey Park Place Liberty Hill
    Sanders, Brian 1226 Homestead Drive Spindletop brianbrews@hotmail.com306-2463
    Sandoval, Jose & Kimberly1425 Audubon Lane Steeplechase ksandoval@ues.com937-675-3724
    Schmidt, Brad1266 Homestead Drive Spindletop schmidt.brad@sbcglobal.net320-0124
    Sheffield, Chris1242 Homestead Drive Spindletopsheffieldohio@sbcglobal.net429-8895
    Shwarz, Jamie & Patrick1109 Westover Rd.jpruner2@yahoo.com937-475-2474
    Hankle, Steven and Daisha1480 Dragonwyck Ct. Steeplechase hanklefamily@gmail.com415-225-9236
    Siferd, Raymond & Betty 1488 Champions Way Liberty Hill rsiferd@woh.rr.com937-429-0689
    Sliper, Myron & Clar1441 Audubon Lane Steeplechase
    Slonaker, Jean 1492 Fairhill Ct. Steeplechase jean.slonaker@gmail.com937-750-4393
    Smith, Bradley & Anita 1470 Runnymeade Way Steeplechase
    Smith, Bradley & Anita1470 Runnymeade WaySteeplechase
    Smith, Bradley & Anita1470 Runnymeade
    Smith, Demetrius1256 Scottsgate South Spindletop dsmsdj@att.net371-7602
    Smith, Thomas1363 Prestonwood Court S. Spindletoptsmith223@woh.rr.com429-0848
    Sobota, Chad & Megan1590 Derby Dr.Claiborne; sobotacm@gmail.com937-902-9523
    Sobota, Luke & Kylie1162 Asbury Ct. Claiborne Greens
    Sparks, Farrell & Sharon1412 Runnymeade Way Steeplechase
    Sparks, Tim & Stacy1638 Ashmont Court Spindletop
    Ream, Jessica and Ashlyn1482 Fairhill Ct. Steeplechasejlream@winsupplyinc.com937-901-7480
    Stall, Dain1505 Abbey Park Place Liberty Hill dstallsoccer@aol.com9376205558
    Stivers, Kirk and Courtney 1550 Derby Drive Claiborne Greens
    Stonecypher, Matthew & Tina1461Champions Way Liberty Hill
    Telles, Teresa 1468 Fairhill Ct. Steeplechase
    Thomas, John 1553 Scottsgate Court N. Spindletop cynthiathomas@woh.rr.com431-1551
    Thompson, Alan & Holly 1638 Fairtrail West SpindletopAlan.Thompson@dau.mil320-9406
    Thompson, Greg & Christie1187 Lancashire Dr. Claiborne Greensgcthompson@yahoo.com937-707-3513
    Tolias, Nick & Theodora1422 Huntland Court N Spindletop
    Toney, Victor & Pamela1543 Amberley Ct.Claiborne; Pamela.k.toney@gmail.com937-416-7766
    Trimmer, David 1448 Claiborne Ct. Spindletop david.trimmer@att.net689-0769
    Turkelson , Morris 1420 Runnymeade Way Steeplechase
    Tuttle, Corey and Brittany1043 Lancashire Dr.Claiborne Greencoreytuttle88@gmail.com803-457-2180
    Underwood, Mark & Emily1136 Lancashire Dr.mark.underwd@gmail.com618-263-7570
    Vaillant, Eric & Angela1530 Amberley Ct.angie_6633@yahoo.com804-314-4912
    Valdes, Carlos 1154 Asbury CourtClaiborne Greensvaldescm@hotmail.com937-668-6729
    Valiton, Jeffrey 1453 Prestonwood Court Spindletop Valiton@aol.com320-0196
    Van Schagen, Jacob & Boekerman, Wanda1370 Champions Liberty Hill; jvs@etsinc.net937-367-4852
    Verburg, Brad & Jill 1492 Champions Way Liberty Hill brad@precisioncertifiedwelding.com937-477-2494
    Vermette, Ronald & Carin1440 Runnymeade Way Steeplechase
    Virdi, Jaswinder and Parminder1135 Cadbury,
    Vitaliti, John 1386 Huntland Ct. South Spindletop johnvitalit@sbcglobal.net431-3783
    Waltersheide, Brian 1311 Scottsgate South Spindletop sheide9@hotmail.com937-836-9299
    Wentzel, Brian1381 Highland Ln. S.Liberty Hill
    Wethington, Randall & Maria1442 Prestonwood Ct. NorthSpindletop
    Whitt, Fred & Joann 1482 Runnymeade Way Steeplechase
    Williams, Kenneth 1567 Scottsgate Ct. N. Spindletopkwmsfamily@att.net426-5871
    Willis, Matt1400 Runnymeade Way Steeplechase willismdw@hotmail.com427-0431
    Wilson, Chris & Jon1280 Homestead Drive Spindletop cawilson614@gmail.com757-719-6043
    Winger, Robert1294 Homestead Drive Spindletop robert@winger.com429-3455
    Wren, Patrick and Amanda1376 Huntland Ct. S.plwren@speedway.com419-429-2683
    Wright, Amber1450 Huntland Ct. Spindletop ambernwright@aol.com614-638-0730
    Wright, Martin & Kelly1437 Audubon Lane Steeplechase foureverwright@aol.com937-532-5192
    Wical, Richard and Adrienne1157 Lancashire LaneClaiborne Greens
    Testa, Dennis and Peggy1506 Abbey Park PlaceLiberty Hilltestadpps@yahoo.com317-460-8917
    Turner, Rick and Karen1394 Prestonwood Ct.rkturn@aol.com937-901-3901
    McClure, John, Brittany and Katherine1628 Stonebury Ct.johnmcclure86@gmail.com614-282-9890
    Malay, Steve and Laura1101 Westover Rd.Claiborne Greens
    Zivkovich, George and Mary Jane1437 Abbey Park Placemjzivkovich@suddenlink.net304-916-3911
    Hariprasad, Sreedharamusthy and Jayanti1595 Stonebury Ct.636-579-8641
    Jason and Anne Forbush1134 Asbury Ct.Claiborne,
    Alex and Brittani Bunce1560 Amberley
    Misun and Myung Kim1591 Windham
    Gregory Buchek1618 Windham Ln.
    Lindsey and Ryan Pleasants1610 Stonebury
    Courney and Raughn Siglar 1621 Stonebury Ct.courtney.siglar@yahoo.com937-305-6511
    Scott and Abby Mader1435 Huntland Ct.smader25@hotmail.com937-684-7386
    Dawn and Mike Huff1224 Stallion RunWhite Barn Trailsdrbuff11@gmail.com937-554-3595
    Peter and Kate Dobler1053 Lancashire Drpdobler7@gmail.com513-693-5504
    Eric and Jennifer Bonn1126 Asbury Ct.jennaftel@gmail.com248-841-6735
    Trace and Trish Smitherman1471 Runnymeadetrace.smitherman@gmail.com937-361-9329
    Mital and Hardik Patel1443 White Barn TrailsWhite Barn Trailshardikhp@outlook.com919-457-2065
    Ken Ludington1447 Dragonwyck Ct.kenludington.southpaw@hotmail.com937-671-0516
    Andrew and Kelsey Smith1052 Amershamkelseyvandemark@gmail.com513-818-5724
    Brian and Donna McCarthy1267 Stallion Rundonnamccarthy07@gmail.com937-271-0824
    Nathan and Tiffany Garcia1443 Claiborne Ct. familiamio@outlook.com937-564-9751
    Kellye Washington and David Lukas1633 Stonebury Ct.Claiborne Greensdavid.j.lukas20@gmail.com510-457-8020
    Mike and Diane Hefner1406 Huntland Ct. Spindletoppapa.mike.hefner@gmail.com501-554-6634
    David Gross1123 Asbury Ct.Claiborne
    Dave and Julie Johnson1649 Ashmont Ct.jrjohnsonak@gmail.com907-830-8958
    Mikeal and Jennifer Ogden1548 Turfland Blvd. Sjenu124@gmail.com937-305-4859
    Christopher and Kristy James1573 Amberley Courteepurdue05@yahoo.com757-561-9550
    Pierre and Krista Julien1479 Abbey Park PlaceLiberty Hill IIpkjulien12@gmail.com803-565-4568
    Timothy and Rebecca Cleaver1304 Homestead Dr.timothy.cleaver@gmail.com850-240-5936
    David and Kimberly Wassmuth1128 Lancashire Dr.Claiborne Greensdavid.wassmuth@gmail.com614-266-0120
    Mike and Linda Abel1425 Runnymeade
    Josh and Katie Englefield1546 Scottsgate Ct. Njoshenglefield@gmailcom937-768-6415
    Joseph and Courtney Keaton1408 Runnymeade WaySteeplechasejoe.d.keaton@twc.com937-829-5112
    Doug and Heidi Bullock1496 Huntland Ct.
    Ruth Bernard1444 Runnymeade
    Bob and Deb Baldwin1644 Stonebury Ct.rbaldwin2@woh.rr.com937-426-1793
    Jeff and Eva Udon1636 Stonebury Ctodumfamily07@gmail.com937-470-5493
    Daniel and Brooklyn Fondriest1633 Stoneburydfondriest@gmail.com517-304-5120
    Taylor and Stacey Kjar1589 Derby Driveslckjar@gmail.com801-440-4135
    Jason and Kathi Grimm1583 Derby DriveClaiborne Greensjasonwgrimm@gmail.com937-768-4124
    Peter Goering and April Oliver1413 Runnymeade WaySteeplechasechapril2004@yahoo.com229-269-5416
    Miyong Hughes1446 White Barn Trail937-241-3098
    Nathan and Theresa Loughridge1602 Amberley Ct
    Michael and Kimberly Parsons1457 White Barn Trailspikeonmars@gmail.com516-375-0804
    31AvailableStonehill Development, Ltd.No$35,900
    32AvailableStonehill Development, Ltd.No$35,900
    33Builder OwnedCustom Concepts Construction Co.No
    34AvailableCul-de-sacStonehill Development, Ltd.Yes$40,500
    35AvailableCul-de-sacStonehill Development, Ltd.Yes$40,500
    42AvailableStonehill Development, Ltd.No$33,900
    75AvailableCul-de-sacStonehill Development, Ltd.No$33,900
    80AvailableCul-de-sacStonehill Development, Ltd.No$35,900
    81AvailableCul-de-sacStonehill Development, Ltd.No$33,900
    9AvailableRegency Cul-de-sacStonehill Development, Ltd.No$35,550
    40AvailableManor Cul-de-sacStonehill Development, Ltd.No$46,800
    41AvailableManorStonehill Development, Ltd.No$42,300
    42AvailableManorStonehill Development, Ltd.No$42,300
    44AvailableManorStonehill Development, Ltd.No$45,900
    45AvailableManorStonehill Development, Ltd.No$45,900
    130AvailableRegencyStonehill Development, Ltd.No$43,650
    143AvailableRegencyStonehill Development, Ltd.No$48,600
    144ReservedRegencyStonehill Development, Ltd.No$48,600
    145AvailableRegencyStonehill Development, Ltd.No$38,250

    Stonehill Village Rules and Regulations
    View Document

    Liberty Hill Canons of Order
    Canons of Order for Liberty Hill
    View Document

    Liberty Hill Documents
    Liberty Hill CCR
    View Document
    First Amendment to Liberty Hill CCR
    View Document
    Second Amendment to Liberty Hill CCR
    View Document
    Third Amendment to Liberty Hill CCR
    View Document

    Liberty Hill Design & Review
    Liberty Hill Design Review Standards
    View Document

    Stonehill Rules and Regulations
    Articles of Incorporation for Stonehill Village

    Claiborne Greens Canons of Order
    Initial Articles of Incorporation Claiborne Greens Neighborhood Society AND Canons of Order for Claiborne Greens at Stonehill Village
    View Document

    Spindletop Design Review Standards
    Neighborhood Design Review Standards for Spindletop at Stonehill Village
    View Document

    Steeplechase Design Review Standards
    Neighborhood Design Review Standards for Steeplechase at Stonehill Village
    View Document

    Prohibited Plants SHV
    Prohibited Plants List

    Stonehill Design Review Standards
    Design Review Standards (p 1-25)
    Design Review Standards (p 26-51)
    Prohibited Plants List
    Fence Guidelines
    Basketball Hoop Guidelines
    DRB Policy for Landscaping

    Street Tree Specifications SHV
    Street Tree Specifications

    Steeplechase Community Association Guidelines
    Steeplechase Community Association Guidelines (pp1-17) (Not Available)
    Canons of Order of Steeplechase Neighborhood Society, Inc. (pages 18-35)

    Spindletop Association Guidelines

    Spindletop Community Association Guidelines
    Articles of Incorporation
    Second Amendment to Spindletop

    Stonehill Village Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
    Stonehill Village Master Declaration of Covenants

    These apply to all the neighborhoods, not just Spindletop.

    White Barn Trails Cannons of Order
    Canons of Order of White Barn Trails

    White Barn Trails Documents
    Supplemental Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for White Barn Trails

    White Barn Trails Design and Review
    Neighborhood Design Review Standards for White Barn Trails

    Conditional Reservation for a Pre-Sold
    This form is for a conditional reservation for a pre-sold. For the lot to be reserved this form plus a check for 5% of total lot price must be presented to the main office.
    View Form (Not Available)

    Conditional Reservation for Model or Spec
    Conditional reservation form for a Model or Spec in Spindletop. A check for 5% of total lot price must be presented to Main office with this form for the lot to be reserved.
    View Form (Not Available)

    Lot Listings for Steeplechase
    Excel Spread sheet Format
    View Form 1 | View Form 2

    Lot purchase Agreement for a Spec
    Please check with The Centre to be sure lot is not already reserved.
    View Form (Not Available)

    Lot Reservation Agreement for Spindletop
    Please check with The Centre to be sure lot is still open.
    View Form

    New Construction Application Spindletop revised 2015-01-13
    Please submit this form by Friday So that it can be reviewed by the DRB the following Wednesday.
    View Form

    Orientation and Resource Guide for Stonehill Village
    This Certificate confirms that the new home owner has recieved the covenants and restrictions, understands the covenants and restrictions, and will comply to all covenants and restrictions.
    View Form (Not Available)

    Spindletop Post Completion Application
    Please submit completed form with samples, blueprints/drawings to The Centre by Friday to be reviewed the following Wednesday. This form is only to be used after the entire house and landscape has been approved and completed. The change must be completed within 60 days of approval.
    View Form

    Spindletop Pre-Completion Changes Application
    This form is to be submitted for changes to exsisting plan prior to the completion of house. The changes must be completed within 60 Days after approval.
    View Form

    Steeplechase Info sheet
    View Form (Not Available)

    Steeplechase Lot Availability
    View Form 1 | View Form 2

    Steeplechase post completion changes application
    This form is for changes after house and landscaping is completed, and there are changes to be made to structure or landscape design. Changes must be made 60 day’s after approval by the DRB. Please turn this form in by Friday with any samples, blueprints, or drawings, and it will be reviewed by the DRB the following Wednesday.
    View Form (Not Available)

    Steeplechase Pre-Completion Changes Application
    This form is to be used for Changes to be made structure or landscape design that has not been completed. The form along with samples, drawings, and/or blueprints must be turned in by Friday and will be reviewed by the DRB the following Wednesday. All Changes ,if approved by DRB, must be completed within 60 Days of Approval.
    View Form (Not Available)